Home Is Where Your Heart Is


Good Morning from our home in Arkansas.

Well my phone has decided it needs to update and so here I am writing this without knowing for sure just what photo I will be using. Yep, a fun way to start my day. The sun is shining and the Arkansas River looks beautiful. I love having our campsite with either woods or water behind it. It makes a great view to see when you look out your window. There have already been fishermen in their boat out there this morning. Don’t know if they caught anything though.

Mom says she’s doing okay and she’s glad she’s had rain because she doesn’t have to water the birds. She’s also heard from some of the family and she was very happy about that. I hope she has a good day.

Watching the Marina and there’s not a lot going on over there. It’s early Friday morning so that could change later today as the Week-End is upon us. There are some LARGE boats over there for sure, though I do like the yellow house boat. It’s cute.

We are getting our bikes down later this morning hopefully before the rain comes in. Norm and I want to explore the park and using our bikes seems like a good idea. We shall see.

We had a computer scare yesterday as Norm’s lap-top decided to act up. Hum reminds me of a two year old. Well it’s a good thing we have mine as a back up. Yes, I know I don’t use it but once or twice a year. I usually just use Norm’s. Well anyway it’s back up and humming right along. Very grateful. The warranty is almost up! Go Figure that’s when things usually act up or quit altogether.

I am excited about the parks we are camping in or going to camp in on our way back to Florida. They are parks we have never been to and that is always a fun Adventure when we go exploring. I am also excited about getting back to Florida as I want to visit my Storage Unit. I really miss my decorations!!!! I put together a new one yesterday. I’ll post a picture of it later. I hate to admit it but I am bored with the decorations I have with me. I need to plan better in the future!!!

Well I need to get off here still have a few things to do before we walk the Lily. Me getting more COFFEE is one of them!

Hope everyone has a Special Friday filled with Family, Fun and most of all filled with Hope and Love.



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