New Park/New Adventure


Hello and Good Morning from Arkansas.

This is our morning view of the Arkansas River out of our back windows of the Kodiak. Awesome right? We love it.

After a very eventful start of our Journey it got even more eventful as we arrived in the park. So just how did our Journey from Missouri to Arkansas go. Well let me tell you it had some challenges and here are a few of them. 1st- We had to avoid the glass on the road as we left out of the RV park. 2nd-Our Go-Pro decided not to turn on and Norm had to fix that. 3rd- We’re going along and Miss Garmen looses signal and we don’t have any GPS so we pull over and set up Miss Google and continue on. Then the Ford tells us that our TCS is off and we need to turn it back on. So we pull over and try to figure that out. We finally found the button on the dash behind where Norm’s phone is sitting which we are using for GPS and we get that reset. After all of that we decide to just stay put and have lunch. Back on the highway which feels like a washboard and is so bad that Lily is up and down most of the trip. Add in 98 degree temps and our poor F350 was having trouble keeping the inside cool. It didn’t help that we then made a  left turn instead of going straight into the park and we had to turn around in the middle of No Man’s Land. We finally made it to camp. Now even more stuff happens. While I walk the Lily, Norm goes to check us in. Normal huh? Well not so much, a woman pulls up in her car and rolls down her window and asks ME if I know what campsite SHE is on!  I tell her No and that I don’t even know what my campsite number is. She says Oh Okay and drives off. What got me was when she drove in she passed the office and had she stopped and went in they could have told her where her site was. I just shook my head. Then Norm comes back and he’s not happy. The person working was not helpful at all. So we finally found our campsite and there is a woman and her car sitting on it. We tell her we are here to park, oh she is a day use person, so I don’t know why she’s down here and not in the picnic area, but she’s letting her car cool down. We tell her we’re going to turn around and then we’re coming back to set up on OUR campsite. She left just as we pulled back up. We did get parked and our campsite is level! So we are set up and Happy! Beautiful site right on the Arkansas River. Journey Over time for some Adventures to begin!

So today is doing some videos and I am going to Clean the Kodiak. We’re suppose to get rain later today. So I need to get moving and I need COFFEE!

Hope all of you have a Marvelous Thursday filled with Love and Good Cheer.



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