Island’s In The Sky


Good Morning!

Nothing like sitting in the river and all of a sudden there is thunder and rain drops start falling on your head! Yes, that happened to us yesterday afternoon. We went down to the river and had just settled in (Norm checked his phone for rain and we only had a 20% chance) for some sun bathing. Well about thirty minutes later it’s clouding up and we begin to see a few rain drops on the water. Then the thunder starts and I decided it was time to pack it in. By the time we climbed the hill it had started to rain fairly hard and when we got back to the Kodiak,which was only a few feet away, it was now pouring. We hurried inside and settled in for a rain storm of several minutes. Lily doesn’t like to hear the rain or thunder either so I had a puppy on my lap till the rain stopped. Oh the RV life!

I sometimes look at the clouds and they look like islands to me as they float along so carefree. I wonder if Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony or the Care Bears might live on them. Clouds do seem magical at times, especially when the sun is back lightening them or you see lightening coming down from them. They are one of the most beautiful things I see in Mother Nature. Pure Magic!

Okay today I am going to be staying at Mom’s while Norm heads back to camp to do a few things on His “TO DO LIST” and I plan to do a few things for Mom. Mom is as I’ve been saying Very Independent and I try to respect that. We talk over what I plan to do and if I can get her to agree to it then I proceed. If not I find a way to get it done without her noticing me doing it. That’s a very tricky thing to achieve but I want her to feel she still has some say  in what is going on around her. However somethings have to be done whither she likes it or not. These things are for her well being it’s just she wants to do them herself and she no longer can but she doesn’t want you doing them because of that. It’s a complicated thing and my Brother and I walk a tight rope all the time. So Wish Me Luck that I don’t get yelled at today!

Well I need to get moving as Miss Lily loves her morning walk and Sniff-a-Rama and that can take awhile. My coffee Cup is empty and I desperately need a refill.

Here’s hoping all of you have a Marvelous Monday filled with Wonderful Memories and Love.



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