Early Fall Color


Good Morning!

Hope this finds all of you in fine form today.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture, as we traveled along highway 60, of the first signs of fall. I’ve also noticed that some of the trees are already loosing their leaves. Though the trees don’t seem to have that beautiful Fall foliage of vibrant colors yet. We do see a little bit of color change on some of them though. Fall is always a beautiful season here.

Yesterday we met some of the most Rudest people and the fact they were a cashier and baggier at a grocery store surprised us. Now this is a small town and it was a Saturday and they only had 4 cars in the parking lot and one of them was ours. We had stopped to buy a few things for Mom. I wanted to try the smoothie recipes and needed the ingredients for them. When I went to check out the 2 employees left the register to talk to another woman about a bathing suit of some kind. When they returned they never even spoke to me. The was no Hello, Did you find everything okay or even is plastic bags okay. All that was said to me was the total of my bill and here’s your receipt. They were at the time to busy talking to the person in line behind me to give me the time of day. Norm later went out on the web and checked their status and there have been some negative comments just like ours out there and he added ours to the list. We have been to this store many times in the past and always before received good service. Well now I know why there were only 4 cars in the parking lot and we figured a few of them belonged to the store employees. I won’t shop here again!!!

Well we did make it down to the river and we were able to spend sometime there. It was a pleasant way to spend the late afternoon. We met Iris a dog that is 19 years old and loves to play catch the frisbee. She had Norm and I tossing her frisbee a lot and when she left and came back without it she found a stick for us to toss for her. We also did a lot of people watching, relaxing and a little sunbathing too. 🙂

Well I am in slow motion today and I need to get a move on. The Lily will need her walk soon.

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Sunday filled with many Blessings.



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