Campfire and Cocktails


A Sunny Good Morning to you!

Last night was a campfire, cocktails and a fan to keep the knats at bay. We were joined by Miss Lily who had a wonderful time barking at the neighbors and giving them her expert advise on setting up camp and how to start your fire. She thinks she knows it all and you should pay homage to her with lots of petting. Didn’t happen though everyone thought she was adorable. We had an enjoyable evening. We had such a good time that it was after 7 pm when we finally had dinner.

Today I am going to try to make Mom some smoothies for her to try. We want to be able for her to have fruits and veggies and right now she’s not. She says that the only things that she can eat have to be cold or she can’t swallow them. She had a stroke back in 2016 and that has affected her throat and now the only hot things she can swallow is coffee. Everything else needs to be cold. So Ice Cream is on the top of her list of good things to eat. She agreed to try some smoothies so I downloaded on my Kendal some smoothie cookbooks and took pictures of recipes I have in my own cookbooks so I am ready to go to the store for some food for Mom to try Smoothie style. My Ninja will be getting a work out today.

We were talking about what it will be like to be here next year. We know there will be some day trips to explore different areas in the Ozark National Scenic River Ways. We are excited to see new parks and hike and bike some of them. Yes most of our time will be with my Mom but she likes to have a break from our presence each day. She’s very INDEPENDENT! She told me yesterday that listening to people gets very tiring. Especially if you are reading something to her. I guess we are now BORING! What goes around comes around they say. When we were kids we thought adults were boring now our parents think we are.

Well I need to get a move on Norm has some Internet stuff to do before we head out and my coffee cup is empty and I need a refill.

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday fill with Fun and Peace.






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