Thunder and Lightening


A Stormy Good Morning to You!

Well Mom got her wish for rain. It started storming here around 6 am and it is suppose to go on till 9 am and then be in the 90’s the rest of the day. We may have to take Lily with us today as she refuses to go out in the RAIN to do her duty!!!! She hates getting her paws wet unless it’s a puddle that SHE wants to walk through then that’s a different story. She’ll march right through that while you are trying to get her to walk around it. I’ve picked her up before to stop the puddle walking!!! She can be such a Munch sometimes. 🙂

Well the laundry is done and my closet is stuffed full of clothes again. Yeah my favorite things are back. Yes I do have favorite clothes I like to wear and I do tend to wear them out. Then I am so SAD when I have to discard them. I do my shoes the same way. There are pairs of shoes I got rid of several years ago that I still miss. I find myself looking for shoes that are like them and not finding any. Sigh! That’s life!

When we get back today Norm will empty the tanks. He does this about every 3-4 days. That is why Boondocking would be a little challenging for us. We are still debating putting on Solar and getting a composting toilet. We’ve read and seen video on different composting toilets and we have it narrowed it down to what ones we like but we just aren’t sure about doing it yet. Not sure we are ready for that. Makes for an interesting Journey On conversation though.

We do know we are going to be adding a second AC unit. We are plumbed for one in the bedroom and our poor Kodiak needs that 2nd AC when the temps reach 98 degrees and we are in full sun! It’s not so bad when you have a lot of shade but in some private parks there is only shade in a few places and that usually isn’t where the Kodiak is parked. So yes it’s time to bite the bullet and add a 2nd AC unit.

I am thinking or doing some peel and stick tiles around the sink in the bathroom and adding another towel rack. I seem to always need more of those in there. I’ll let you know what I decide to do. I have some other decorating ideas but they are still in thought and planning form. So we will see what I come up with.

Okay someone  please tell me why someone would  name a gas station Kum and Go. There seem to be a lot of them and yes people we are baffled by the name.

Well I need coffee and to get the rest of my day moving along. Hope all of you have a Fabulous Friday filled with Hope and Happiness.




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