Feeling Blessed


Good Morning!

I know the last few days I’ve not been real talkative and at night I just want to curl up with a good book. Norm, I’m sorry for that but it was the only way for me to come to terms with all that is occurring right now. So many things in life we can’t fix and make better or make the problems or the pain go away. We just have to offer our moral support or help when we can and as needed and then step back and let others deal with what is happening in their lives. The White Knight Syndrome is alive and well in most of us. So this past week has been hard for me as I accept my Mom is facing her most challenging time of her life. I can’t walk this road for her I can only walk this road beside her with my brother and Norm. The Lord will guide her home when it is her time and he will provide us with the Peace and Strength to go on with our lives as we will know she is in a better place. What a reunion she will have when he calls her HOME! Time with her is precious and we don’t know if we will have her for a few months or will we be blessed with a few more years. If she has her way it will be the first and not the last. She is looking forward to that new body and life that the Lord has promised her and to see her family that has gone before her again.:)

Thank-you for all your support of our family, friends and our subscribers. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Norm has been working hard to get our schedule for next year revised so we can be here to help Mom with her daily life. I am feeling very Blessed as our plans are taking shape for the year 2020. We love the RV Park we are staying in and the Lady who owns and manages it is wonderful. So we know she will do her best to give us the perfect site for our Kodiak to call home. We are envisioning some day trips to surrounding areas as we explore Missouri and find her Hidden Gems and share them with you. The Journey is changing for 2020 and so are the Adventures. We don’t know what kind of Adventures we will find but we do know we will do them together. Looking forward to the Journey that leads to these Adventures. With Norm and Lily by my side and my Family and all of you with me I can face anything that this world decides to throw at me!

I am grateful we can take our Home anywhere we want to go. It makes life so much easier when you know in the evening you will be sleeping in your own bed!

It’s a beautiful day here and soon we will head to Mom’s for a day of laundry and memory making but first more COFFEE and a Lily walk.

I hope all of you have a Terrific Thursday filled with Peace and Harmony.



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