The Road That Leads Home


Good Morning!

They say you can never go home again. I think I have to agree. You can go home and visit but I find I feel sort of out of place. I know the landmarks and people by name but not by sight. I could be seeing someone and not realize that I should actually know them by name. People and Places change so much over the years and so do You. I have and I am sure a lot of people who knew me when I was a youngster wouldn’t have a clue who I am now unless they saw the license plate on our F350. They know that my Mom’s girl lives in Florida and that tells them I have come to visit. It’s sad but it’s also the way it has always been through time. People move on and loose touch with where they came from. It’s not a bad thing it’s just life. You may ask why I am like this today? Well visiting my Mom has made me consider my own mortality. Have I done the things I need to do to set my house in order. Somethings we have done but there are a few we’ve put off and I think when we return to Florida we need to take the time to do them.  Vague yes but each of us has a different set of things to accomplish to set our house in order. For some it’s making a will or writing out a list of who you want to have your things when you have been called Home. These things take time and thought and may seem morbid to do but in the long run they can make your families lives so much easier when that time comes for you. My Mom has done this and since she has given me another list of things she wants me to do and I have agreed to follow that list as best I can. I know in my Heart I don’t have a lot of time left with my Mom. So I am going to do my best, with the Lord’s help and understanding, to enjoy every minute of it. I have been very Blessed to have Norm listen to me talk about  my fears and confusions each day. Today I have to go grocery shopping and so this morning we will visit and then shop and go back for a short visit again. I am glad we have been able to see my brother too. My Mom is doing as well as she can for being 97 years old. She’s still living alone and tries to be as independent as she can be. She tells me she’s tired now and She tells me she’s ready to go HOME!

Thank-you for listening to me I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Hope your Saturday is filled with Hope and Love.


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