Just Relaxing!


Good Morning from a Rainy Missouri!

I love this picture of Norm and Lily just relaxing and enjoying life!

We did visit with Mom for awhile yesterday. My brother also took a couple of days off so we get to visit with him too. He made us dinner of  smoked chicken and pizza that he makes using cauliflower rice. I am going to try my hand at making it. It was very delicious. So we are headed to Mom’s again this morning. Then we do need to go get groceries and will do that and then go back and visit later in the afternoon. She lays down for awhile each day. So that is the times we will go and do other things. We did take Lily to visit her yesterday and she did okay. However on the way back home to the Kodiak she was a little out of sorts. When we got here and she took a short walk she was fine again. We won’t take her with us today.

Marge I love the Pizza Pans and so did Mom. I can’t wait to try them out. Thanks again for sending them to me.:)

Yes it’s raining. We think it’s suppose to stop soon and we can get Lily out for her walk. That is a must for Miss Lily she needs to sniff and sniff some more.

If your parents are alive and you can speak to them please do so today. Life is very precious and fleeting. We never know what a day, evening or night might bring and this could be our only chance to tell them we love them, to tell them we care and to find a measure of peace in our hearts. Thank-you.

Well I need to get a move on told Mom I’d be there by 9:30 this morning and I was late yesterday-dishes. Yikes!!! So I need to be on time today.

Hope everyone has a Friday filled with Joy.


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