We Made It!


Good Morning from Missouri!

Today we are going to visit my Mom. Yeah!!!! Happy Me!!! We will go around 9 this morning and visit for a few hours. She tires easily and has a schedule she likes to stay on. Then we will drop Lily off at the Kodiak and head out to go provision(grocery shop) this afternoon. Not sure just how our plans will be going this visit. We don’t want to tire her out and we will let her set the pace for our visit. She’s 97 and not a Spring Chicken anymore she often tells me. So looking forward to seeing her!

Marg I do get to pick up my new Pizza Pans today so I see Pizza and Cookie making in my future. Sounds like fun to me!

As you can see we have a beautiful view of the Current River. It is flowing through our backyard. We are also Blessed to have trees and an awesome campsite, though it was hard to get into because of the way you come into the camping area. It took awhile to get the Kodiak in here and then it decided to STORM! We took refuge in the truck and after parking it off the road we ate lunch and then set up camp as the storm slowly moved away. I can say it was worth the effort. The view from our back windows is amazing and the Lady who owns this place is  wonderful. I am so glad Norm found this place for us to stay. Will definitely come and stay here again.

Today Norm has to reserve us a site for next year for somewhere on our 2020 Journey and he has to do that at 10 am EST which is 9 am CST and that is when we are suppose to be at Mom’s.

Oh we took Lily down to the river yesterday afternoon and she sniffed and finally stood in the water. That lasted about a minute! She didn’t like getting her feet wet and walking on the rocks. So Norm carried her part of the way back to camp! Can we say SPOILED Lily!!!

Well I need to get a move on I have devotions, a shower and a Lily walk in my immediate future. I NEED Coffee!!! Hope all of you have an Amazing Thursday filled with Peace and Prosperity.




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