On The Road Again


Good Morning!

Today we are on the road again as we Journey On to visit my Mom. I am very excited to see her. Norm is also excited about flying his Drone that he got for Christmas. There are a lot of rules about flying drones and most Federal, State and Private parks will not allow it. So Norm has waited many months to be able to enjoy flying his drone. Maybe on one of our videos there will be some drone footage! One can only hope.

We hope to leave around 9:30 am today. We will see how well we do on that. I need to make another pot of coffee to go in my thermos. Have thermos will travel. I love my coffee!  It sure makes the Journey better with a cup of coffee beside me. I can handle almost anything from steep inclines( eyes closed thank heavens for sunglasses), curves, crazy drivers and so on. I do pray a lot though but that cup of coffee is there for me to clutch if I need to and I seem to need to often. Other times it’s my camera keeping me busy so I don’t notice EVERY THING!!!! I am sure that a lot of you understand, if you are the ones in the passenger seat, what I am talking about. Okay enough said.

Well I need to get a move on as there are still a few things to do before we hitch and head out.

Hope all of you have a Wild and Crazy Wednesday full of Fun, Laughter and Good Times.



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