A Fun Time


Good Morning from Branson, Missouri!

Yesterday was a Fun Day as we Journeyed to Springfield for an Adventure. Our Adventure began at the Bass Pro Shop where we were not only able to get Norm new hiking sandals but were able to walk around and admire their many displays. They have an amazing aquarium full of these large fish. I have no idea what they are called. I don’t enjoy fishing, only the eating of said fish, so I couldn’t tell a catfish from a mackerel but this aquarium was wonderful. I also love the wording on their sign Welcome Fishermen, Hunters and Other Liars. They do know their clientele very well or so it would seem. Now I loved the boat I saw out front I would just enjoy riding around in it. No fishing required! Then our friends showed up and we roamed around some more and looked at a lot more displays. You could be there for hours and probably never see it all. A fun place for sure. Oh we did check out the camping gear. Then it was off to lunch with Colleen and Bob. We had a wonderful visit and the food and drinks were delicious. Then back home to the Lily.  A Fun Monday!

Today is Pack Down Day! I am very excited as that means we will be Journeying On tomorrow. This time the Journey will be about 4-4 1/2 hours as we move down to camp near my Mom.  So let the Packing begin!

Talking to my Mom today I told her it would be Thursday before I could get to her house to visit. She’s fine with that as tomorrow is her laundry day and that tires her out . She loved the stores about the Grand Boys and what they have been up to. So a very good phone visit.

Well I need Coffee and Lily needs her walk. Hope everyone has a Splendid Tuesday fill with lots of Peace and Tranquility.




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