Taking Care Of Business


Good Morning from Branson, Missouri!

There is a park area across the way from where we are parked that has a glider and a fire pit you can use. There is also a doggy bag holder and trash can for the bags. Then there is this sign on the tree. I think it says it all. If you have dogs please be courteous enough to bag it and deposit it in the trash can or dumpster. I know a lot of people seem to think this is beneath them but you need to consider how you would feel if you stepped in it unaware. You would be using a lot of adjectives and adverbs to voice your displeasure yet you think nothing of doing this yourself. This is a case of treating others as you would like to be treated! It may seem like a small thing and in the big scheme of things it is, however it can make or break someones day if that is the only shoes they have with them and they now have to clean them before they can go anywhere. Okay off my Soap Box now!

Today we are headed to Springfield, Missouri to meet a friend for lunch. We are meeting at the Bass Pro Shop because that is a major Landmark and we should be able to find it. Maybe after lunch Norm can look for a new pair of hiking sandals as he had to throw his away. We are looking forward to lunch with Colleen. Should be a fun time!

I had a good phone visit with my Mom this morning and she loved the story about Moses and the Pineapple. We also talked about a lot of memories and how time seems to fly by as you get older. I will be seeing her later this week as we move to Van Buren, Missouri. I am looking forward to visiting with her.

Norm is excited that he will finally get to fly his drone later this week and next week. He can fly it it at Mom’s or at my brother’s place so that makes him a happy camper.

I am trying to figure out grocery shopping and laundry once we get there. Probably do that on Friday and maybe even Saturday. Somethings you just have to do no matter where you are. House work is one of them.

Well I need to get off of here. Norm emptied the tanks and I need to treat them and get ready to face the day. I also have an empty Coffee cup and that is never a good thing.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday filled with lots of Love and Laughter.



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