No Ants Allowed


Good Morning from Branson, Missouri!

Today we are doing a Home Depot run and then back here to have a relaxing day. If it’s sunny maybe a pool visit since we didn’t get a chance to go yesterday. No sun!

Remember the ANT issue we’ve been having? Well the last invasion they found Norm’s vitamin holder and made their way in to check it out. So that called for some drastic measures on our part to keep anything Sweet safe. Now like most of the world we like the Gummy vitamins. They are sweet and not hard to get down as you just chew them up and swallow. Well what we discovered here is that the Branson Ants like that sweet gummy flavor too and decided to help themselves. So to keep our vitamins safe and to help us keep our sanity in this war of the Ants I’ve put the containers that hold the vitamins in a Zip-Lock bag. So far so good!

Norm met a snag when he went out to hang our new sign. The rings we bought to hold the sign on the pole can’t be opened to get them on the sign. So back to Home Depot we go to get some clips to hook the sign to the rings so it can hang on the pole that is with the outside lamp post Norm made us. I can’t wait to see the sign hung up outside. YEAH!!!

I have been trying to find something I can use as a late Summer/early Autumn vase for some flowers I bought. I had seen something a few weeks ago but I was unsure if that was what I wanted and now I wish I had just got it while I was there. So goes the story of my decorating life!

Well I need to get moving Devotions and Lily walks are in my immediate future. Of course coffee first!

May all of you have a Blessed Sunday filled with Love and Laughter.



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  1. Thank you. 😊


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