Plans Going Awry


Good Morning from Branson, Missouri!

Yesterday’s Fun List got revised several times before and during the Adventures we had planned.

So we did make it to Table Rock Lake State Park and the Corp of Engineers at Table Rock Lake. We visited their Visitor Center and watched a short video on the  making of the dam. Then we went out on their observation decks to view the lake and also I managed to get some video of 2 boats going around in circles. They were following each other and they were circling a group of swimmers from both boats. They seemed to be having a good time. My first thought was Oh My I hope there are no gators out there and then I remembered I was in Missouri! There are campgrounds at both the State Park and Corp of Engineers area. I don’t know what the cost is but the sites looked nice and most seemed to be shady.

We did find the Pie Safe but we didn’t stop and have any. There wasn’t a parking spot open that could fit our B.A.T. We did find parking further down in a shopping mall but it was quite a walk back to the Pie Safe so we decided No Pie and headed home. We also didn’t do any wine tasting and that was okay with me. I just wasn’t in the mood for wine. Later in the day we did go to Home Depot, Walmart, and Michael’s. Michael’s was a lot of fun as we looked at the Fall and Halloween decor but I didn’t find what I had gone there for. Sigh! Oh well that’s how it goes sometimes. We did grab Subway for dinner and that was good.

Today is an at Home day. We had rain off and on all night and it’s overcast and foggy this morning.  We were planning a visit to the pool this afternoon but unless it clears up that isn’t going to happen.  So today I will do some cleaning and putting things away that I’ve been using like my backpack and hiking sandals.

Well my coffee cup is almost empty and I need a refill badly so off to the coffee pot I go. Hope everyone has a Sweet Saturday filled with Sunshine and Roses.






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  1. Glad you made it to see the state park and the corps park.


    • We enjoyed seeing them. It reminded us of when we camped for a week at the Lake of the Ozarks and it rained everyday. A.J. was a baby then and we were in tents.


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