Good Morning!

Looking through my pictures I found some night ones of the Moon. Sometimes when I look at the Moon I am in Awe of the fact that Mankind has actually flew up there and walked on it’s surface. I remember those days and how we were glued to the T.V. set just to  get a glimpse of the men walking there. It was so amazing and made you realize that dreams do come true. That dreams are for everyone not just for some. We came together as a Nation then just like we did on 9/11. I often think about 9/11 and pray that we never have to face that kind of terror and grief again. However, I know that it only takes one or even a few to cause that mind stopping, soul wrenching and heart rending terror to return. I am so grateful to our Men and Women who risk it all to try and prevent us from ever having to go there again. It’s not like a visit to the Moon, which I wish we would do again. The Moon is an Old Friend that I look forward to seeing each night in all it’s Glory! It doesn’t matter what phase it’s in or what season it is I love seeing the Moon shining down on us reminding us that all things are possible! Reminding us to DREAM!

We’ve completed S.D.C. and it was the same as we remembered it but different too. A good combination of the past and present.  We had a really good time there and we are glad we came. Today’s agenda has changed somewhat do to the price tag on some of the things we were considering doing. So we are planning the Pie Shop and a trip to Table Rock Lake and then home. That sounds good to me. A Less is More kind of day. That means little or no make-up. That’s a winner for me!

Marg sent me small Pizza pans and they arrived at my Mom’s yesterday. She let me know that today. Thank-you Marg. I am so looking forward to making some pizza and I also use them as my cookie sheets. Exciting! I do need to make some cookie dough to put in the freezer and I plan to make some vanilla ice cream for my mom. It is one of her favorites along with the fish sandwich from Mc D’s.

Well I need to head to the shower and Lily will need her walk soon. So I need to get moving.

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Friday filled with Love and Joy.


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