Good Morning!

Today is our last day visiting S. D. C. and we are do some rain today. We’ve already had a couple of rain showers pass through. So today we pack the rain jackets just in case and go explore for one more day. We’ve decided to have breakfast again at the bakery. The sticky pecan bun was good but today we’re going to try something different, not sure what until we get there and of course COFFEE! Then off to hopefully ride the train and visit a few other shops that we missed. We’ve covered almost the whole park and since we decided we weren’t going on the rides and we weren’t interested in the shows we were able to see a lot of what they have to offer. It’s been a fun filled 3 day Adventure and one of the biggest parts of that Adventure has been parking the BAT. We find a really good parking spot and the first day no issues getting out. Yesterday it was more of a challenge to leave said parking spot so today we may park elsewhere. The lots are large but most of the spaces are still narrow and short. We are large and in charge and that means a wider and longer parking spot is needed or we may just take TWO!!!

I was going through my pictures on my phone to get one for my blog and I found this one. The first time I ever visited S.D.C. was after Norm and I were married and Marg and Bill were with us. We had such a good time. Being here brings back such fond memories of when we were young and crazy. Now we’re just older and still crazy. Having them come and spend a few days with us at Meramec S.P. was wonderful and felt like old times. We miss you guys and all the fun we’ve had through the years. We wish you the very best and hope you have an amazing Holiday Season.

Yes, Folks the Holidays are rapidly approaching and I am getting on the Holiday Train early so I don’t miss out on any of the Fun of this Holiday SEASON! I have a lot of different Holiday ideas running through my head and I am taking note of them in my Journal. I don’t want to forget even one idea. 🙂

Mom seems to be doing okay though she did sound tired today. She goes to bed by 5:30 pm and gets up at 11:00 or 12:00 pm to start her day, everyday. My cousin has been checking on her a lot so that helps. She also brought her some watermelon and my Mom loves watermelon. She was very happy about that. We  will see her late next week. We will be camping close by for 2 weeks so we can visit her daily. I am looking forward to that and Norm is looking forward to flying his drone.

Well I need to get moving. Lily’s walk waits for no one even if you do need extra coffee!

Hope everyone has an Amazing Thursday filled with Peace and Prosperity.


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