Retired and Ready to Roll


Good Morning!

Second day of Silver Dollar City.

Yesterday we had a enjoyable day at Silver Dollar City. We walked around and took in the sites  We visited the Christmas store, watched a man blow glass and ate at the Mine Restaurant and went shopping at the General Store. All we bought was our SIGN!! We really liked the style and wording on this sign. The gentleman made it while we waited so we could bring it home with us and not have to pick it up today.  Today’s Adventure will be seeing the things we missed yesterday and having breakfast at the Bakery there. Norm discovered their Cinnamon Buns and that’s going to be a wonderful breakfast treat.

Last night for dinner we treated ourselves to Chic-fil-A. I really wanted the Southwest salad but I paid for getting it. Acid Reflux and Spicy Chicken do not go together. Is it just me or have their salads gotten smaller?

The ants have left for greener pastures. We gather there was some sugar or something sweet near the coffee pot and when I washed the place mat and Norm washed the creamer bowl the ants left. Yeah we are so grateful they have moved on!

We didn’t take down the bikes this time as we figured there would be no where to ride them or even time to ride them. They probably will not be back down till later in August or September because of where we are staying. Can you believe this is the last day of July? Wow this year is rushing by. It’s been an amazing Journey so far and we are feeling very grateful and blessed.

We did order our Halloween costumes and are having them shipped to our Daughter’s home. We are excited to start the Holiday Season with our Family and Friends. I am looking for neat ideas to decorate our campsites and the Kodiak. 🙂

WE still have a lot to see and do on this our First Year Journey and we are excited to see what other Adventures we will have.

Well it’s time for me to get moving. I still have my make-up to do and Lily to walk and boy do I need a cup of coffee!

Hope all of you have a Splendid Wednesday with lots of Smiles and Laughter.



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