This Is How I Craft


Good Morning!

Today we are headed to Silver Dollar City for a fun morning. We have a 3 day Pass so we can take our time and enjoy the park. There are a couple of other things we are thinking about doing but we haven’t decided on anything for sure beyond Pie and Coffee and Wine Tasting.:)

Every time I sit down either to read, knit, crochet or stitch here comes the Lily and plops herself on my lap. Off and on she will look back at me and give me this Puppy Look of Hey watch what your doing back there. She’s not happy with me when I knit because I lay the pattern on her and use her as a table! Well she’s the one on my lap and she does make a great table! Even then Lily refuses to move off my lap. She can be such a munch sometimes and Norm’s chair is wide open for her to lay on but Oh No it’s got to be on my lap! So she gets to be my table!!!

Yesterday I did get a few things done. I was glad we stayed home as my sinus and vertigo were acting up or is that acting out. So I was not feeling very well yesterday morning. I was better in the afternoon though. It rained several times yesterday and that cooled it down some and also helped with my sinus issues. Yeah Me!

I finally broke down and bought a couple of new bathing suits. It has been several years since I had done that. I usually find a suit I like and wear it to death. Well my black suit is on it’s last leg so I will have to retire it to the trash can soon. That will be a sad day for me as I get attached to certain pieces of my clothing and I NEVER want to let go of them!!! So yes downsizing was hard for me but I wanted to RV more than I wanted to keep all my stuff. RV-1 Stuff-0.

Well I need to get moving as Lily wants a walk and I still need to put on my make-up but first I need more coffee!

Hope all of you have an Amazing Tuesday filled with Peace, Love and Hope.





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