A Day At Home


Good Morning from a Rainy Branson, Missouri!

It is raining today.  I actually am happy it is maybe this will cool it down somewhat. Yesterday was so hot that our poor ac had trouble keeping up. We have no shade trees to help keep it cool and you can sure feel it in the afternoon.

Also those blasted ants have now discovered my other counter across the room and have decided to investigate it too! Arg! Between them, the spiders(tiny ones) that like my plants and the flies, we are always in combat mode! Norm sprays outside and inside but they still find a way in. They are persistent I’ll give them that!

Well I moved my Bar down to a lower cabinet. I was having Nightmares that the childproof latch wouldn’t hold on the upper cabinet.  I was panicking, that one day I  would open up the Kodiak and find that every bottle in the bar cabinet had escaped and broke. Can you imagine the HUGE SMELLY MESS I would have to clean up? Well it was time for some Peace of Mind Relocation. Now I can breath easier. Whew!:)

Today I believe I will do a few personal things, a little cleaning and a little crafting. That should make for a good day at home. I actually enjoy being home with Norm. We make plans to go on Adventures and then we make plans to just sit back and Relax. We’re not on Vacation and that’s made all the difference in the world on how we see things.  We don’t have to rush anymore to see and do everything in a short amount of allotted time. We plan our Adventures ahead of time so we know what we want to do when we get there and then after we arrive we plan on what days we want to go on these Adventures. We try to always leave a few days for relaxing and recharging our batteries and of course the chores and pack down day. This makes our Nomad life so much easier and more enjoyable. Of course Life can change things at a moments notice and Mother Nature can too. We try to just be as prepared as we can and take Life as it comes and I pray a lot. So far we have been really Blessed. That’s not to say that Life and Mother Nature hasn’t come to visit but we’ve managed to work our way through each and every trial and we’ve come out stronger each time. As I’ve said many times We are truly Blessed!

My Mom is hoping for rain. She told me her big trees in the front yard are loosing their leaves already and that by Halloween they will be bare. The days are getting shorter and Autumn isn’t to far away. Where has the Summer gone? Last night Norm and I looked at Halloween Costumes and decided on what we will be. October 31st we will do the big reveal and you can tell us what you think. I’m excited for Halloween! I can’t wait to decorate the Kodiak and our Campsites. Let the Fun Begin!!!!!

Well I need to get a move on. Rain or no Rain Lily demands a walk and I really need some coffee.

Hope everyone has a Most Pleasant Monday filled with Happiness and Good Cheer.



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  1. We are having rain here too. We do need the rain.


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