Lily “Queen Of Her World”


Good Morning!

Lily hasn’t done this since we started full time RVing. She use to sit on the back of the couch at the house in Florida and let the neighbors, cats, dogs and squirrels know she was the Queen of Her World. Now she’d letting the people who walk by the Kodiak know that she’s here and she’s watching YOU!!! So Beware of the Lily!

We are in an Ant war here in the Kodiak. We went from being at war with the big ones to now being at war with the little ones. They seem to like Norm’s Lap Top a lot but we are also finding them in other places. Norm sprays our Kodiak a lot and we do our best to keep them out but the ants and spiders are sneaky and have no trouble finding a way in. As do those pesky flies. We go on a lot of fly hunts!

So today when we go to Walmart we are going to look for some large air tight bags again. We keep the grill and oven in them and they are needing to be replaced. They help keep the ants out of the grill. We’ve had to replace the grill once already do to ANTS making it their home.

I had a nice long visit with my Mom today. These visits are special as I don’t know how much longer I will have her here. She’s 97 years old and today we talked about a lot of things. She does feel our World is going to **** in a hand basket. She’s lived through wars and the great depression and now this and she’s not sure which era is the worst. We will see her soon. We’re looking forward to visiting her.

Yesterday we stayed home, no pool, and just did some chores and I crafted a bit. I have been catching upon my U-Tub videos that I missed do to no Inter Net. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday. Norm worked on our 2021 Journey’s route and we’ve revised it once and are doing so yet again. These Routes take a lot of planning for us as we like to know where we are going to stay as we Journey On to out next Adventure. Yes we are Major Planners!

Today we are heading to Walmart later to pick up a few things. Not sure if we will go to the pool. I know I will be doing my nails and eyebrows today because tomorrow starts our Silver Dollar City 3 day Adventure. We are looking forward to that just not the traffic and crowds. Also hope parking will be easy for the BAT!!!

Well I have a few things to do before Lily’s walk so I need to get moving. Coffee Pot here I come.

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Easy Sunday filled with Love.




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  1. Thank you. 🙂


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