Peace and Grandeur


Good Morning from Branson, Missouri.

This photo I took of the cliffs along the Meramec River reminded me of just how peaceful it was there and how Grand the cliffs looked especially in the evening light. We enjoyed our stay there and we do miss the peaceful green campgrounds.

We have discovered that we enjoy camping out in Mother Nature more than in the private parks. Now there are a lot of areas that private parks are needed do to the fact there are very few if any State or Federal Parks that you can camp in. We realized that on our re-vised 3rd year trip that we are planning and we are having to really look at how long we want to stay at each park. Private parks are more expensive than most other parks. We also have a budget we stick to so that is where the challenge is, Staying On Budget! Norm does an awesome job of keeping us on budget for the year and I am very grateful to him.

Today is clean out the black hole storage area under the bed. I have to do this ever so many months or I forget just what I have under there. I may exchange somethings with stuff I have stored in the Ford too. We will see.

We bought our tickets for Silver Dollar City and plan to do that Monday through Wednesday. We figure we will go for awhile each morning and that way we are not rushing around trying to see everything all at once. We can take our time and really enjoy the Silver Dollar City Adventure! We’re thinking Friday will be Wine-Tasting and the Pie Safe for Pie and Coffee! So for today a few chores here at the Kodiak and then a little while at the pool. Sounds good to me.

Time for coffee and Devotions then a Lily walk.

Hope everyone has a Very Special Saturday filled with Fun, Laughter and Love.



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