A Dog’s Life


Good Morning!

We made it to Branson and yes I had a few stressful moments on the steep grades and then again as we navigated Main Street. We are quite long and people we do not stop on a dime and give back change! So please remember that it takes longer for us to stop than it does for you and act accordingly.  End of Rant!

Our campsite here is like most of the ones you see in a KOA. I do feel like I am living in a sardine can but it is only for 2 weeks. We will be busy next week playing Tourist and visiting our friend who lives a couple hours away so that makes it better. Only wish we had some shade.

There is a grassy area across the road for Lily to use and she goes there often. So when walking Lily we are concerned for her paws as the asphalt roads get quite hot during the day. She gets a long walk in the morning when it’s cooler but real short ones for the rest of the day. She misses the dirt roads at Meramac S.P. where she could walk and sniff and see wildlife that ignored her. Norm dropped Lily’s breakfast this morning and she wasn’t real happy with him until he made her a new bowl of food. Now she’s sacked out on my chair relaxing as only Miss Lily can do. She does have an easy life filled with Love, Food and Treats. She enjoys the traveling part of our Journey. Now when we put her in the back seat of the F350 she just lays down till we are hitched and ready to pull out. Then she’s up in the window watching the scenery as we travel out of the park. On the road she checks out the scenery from the window off and on but for the most part she just naps. It’s like wake me when we stop for a break.  Be sure you take me for a walk and then give me a treat and a dish of water. She has us well trained! 🙂

My Mom is doing okay. She doesn’t have anything on her agenda for today. My uncle came by and brought in her trashcan so she stopped worrying about that. Thank you Uncle Rick.

The laundry is done and my chocolate ice cream mix is in the fridge ready to go into the ice cream maker later today. So today my objectives are Ice cream making, putting away my clothes, which means a trip to the truck, and the pool to work on my tan. I think that makes for a good day.

Well I need more coffee and Lily needs her walk so I better get moving.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Friday with much Love and Happiness.



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