Good Morning!

Today I thought I’d write about a subject that is dear to my heart My Home! Since we started full time RVing people ask me all the time where is your home? or Don’t you miss your home? The answer is No! Our Home is always with us. Today our Home is the Kodiak, for 20 plus years our Home was a house in Orange City, Florida and before that our Home was a house in St. Louis, Missouri.  So no we don’t miss our Home though sometimes we miss a few things that we had at the house where our Home resided. In St. Louis that would be our family and friends and all the holiday gatherings we had together. In Orange City that would be our family and friends plus the beaches and the pool that was in the back yard. In our home here in the Kodiak we have the ability to be comfortable and still be able to travel and see all the places we dreamed about oh so many years ago sitting by a campfire. Now those dreams are becoming realities. We are truly blessed. Now when someone asks us where our home is we say it’s where we park our Kodiak and smile. Will the Kodiak be our forever home? Good question and the answer is Maybe or Maybe Not. Only time will tell if we keep our home in this Kodiak or move it to a newer Kodiak or even to a 5th wheel or Motor Coach. That is something we will decide down the road and in the future. For now we are happy as clams and feeling so very blessed to be Journeying On into a lot of New Adventures and we are so Happy you have decided to come along for the ride.

A final thought is that a Home is where your Heart and Life resides. It doesn’t matter if that is in a house, an apartment, a tent or even a RV.  All that matters is that you have a place to call home.

Well Lily is letting me know she needs a walk so I had better get a move on. Hope all of you have a Wonderful Thursday filled with Joy.


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  1. Hi Phyllis! I love this post how wonderful it is that you can travel all over and enjoy your life in any state! I love how you said, ” a Home is where your Heart and Life resides.” I agree with you – it’s about those who are with you that make it your home! Thank you for sharing this lovely post! looking forward to reading more posts! If you would like to please go check out my blog and follow me 🙂


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