Time To Journey On!


Good Morning!

It’s Pack Down Day! Yes today is the day we pack up to leave tomorrow. We hope to leave around 9 AM but you know that rarely do we get out of here at our allotted time. We are hoping to because we have a 4 hour drive tomorrow. It will be a lunch on the road and a full thermos of coffee day.

We enjoyed our stay here at Meramec State Park  in Missouri. We have met some wonderful people, enjoyed visiting with our family and loved going down to the river to cool off and work on our tans as well as People watch. A very enjoyable visit for sure. Norm and I were comparing Missouri rivers to Florida rivers and we were laughing as we didn’t have to watch out for Gators! Here you can sit and swim in the river and never worry about what is hiding in the water. We also didn’t have to worry about getting SAND in every crevice.  The rocks make it hard to lay out so we did a lot of chair sitting. It was a lot of fun and we are happy we came to visit. These 2 weeks have flown by and now it is time to Journey On. Branson here we come!

Yesterday was a sad day again for me. I was going through a cabinet and I found that a few of my vintage items had broke during our travels. I thought I had them well packed but I gather it wasn’t good enough to compensate for the rough roads we have gone over. I am double checking all my cabinets today as I pack us down to Journey On tomorrow.

Mom and I had a good visit today. She seemed to be in good spirits. She had rain yesterday and that made her happy.

Well I need more coffee and Lily needs her walk. Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday filled with Happiness and Joy.



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  1. Thank you.🙂


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