Good Morning from a RAINY Missouri!

Look who stopped in for a bite to eat yesterday evening. There were 3 does and a buck but I could only get 2 in the picture. We love it when the Wildlife pay us a visit.

So glad we went sown to the river yesterday. We had an enjoyable time there. Norm and I went down for 4 days straight. Working on my tan takes a little time and we sure did enjoy just sitting there relaxing. Today is a rainy Monday and we have to provision(grocery shop) and refuel the Ford.  So it will be a busy day.

We have met some very nice and interesting people here. We find a lot of people are thinking of Full Time RVing in their futures. We wish them the best. We love our way of life and are continuing to make plans for the future. 2020 is locked in and ready to go and we are now re-planning 2021. We will let you know what those plans are  as soon as we finalize our destinations.

My mom is getting rain and she is happy about that. She said she’d just take it easy today and stay inside.

Our main concern this morning is getting Lily out for a walk and getting our blog and posts uploaded. Here’s hoping we can do all of that real soon.

I need more coffee. One cup is never enough. Hope everyone has a Beautiful Monday filled with Dreams and Rainbows, Peace and Joy.


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