Good Morning from Buggy Missouri!

Yes the knats and flies are driving me crazy!!!! I believe they were one of the Plagues. I just wish they would go away and leave me alone! It’s hard to type or think when they are trying to get in my eyes all the time.

Memories how they linger. We have been remembering all the times we camped here 30 plus years ago. We talk about all the changes that have happened to this park in that time. It is so different now. A far cry from what it was like when our kids were small. We have enjoyed being here and visiting Memory Lane. Soon we will Journey On. So today is our last day to go sit on the Meramec’s river bank and enjoy the peace and serenity. Looking forward to that and working on my tan is always a plus too.

Mom update: Mom has her stick back and she couldn’t be happier. My brother found it in the house, when she was sure she left it outside. She is keeping that stick in her bedroom for now. She has decided she will not be taking the trashcan to the street or going and bringing it back to the house. Whew! That is a load off my mind. I was afraid if her stick returned she would start doing that again.

I hear a train whistle in the distance. I love hearing that Whistle as much as I enjoy seeing planes flying overhead. These are a few of the Simple Pleasures that make me one Happy Camper along with seeing the wildlife and birds that abound in the parks we visit. That is an amazing way to start my day along with a good cup of coffee!

Well after today we will begin our preparations to Journey On. So our last day of relaxation for a couple of days. This has been a good stop for us as we have been able to relax, reflect and re-energize. Sometimes you need that. We Love our Life!

Well I need to get a move on. Breakfast and the River wait for no one.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Sunday filled with Happiness and Joy.



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  1. Thank you. 🙂


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