Welcome To Our Office


Good Morning! I wish the knats would leave me alone!!!!

As you can see our office is a table at the cafe/store here at the park. It is the only area we can get a consistent Internet signal that is strong enough to be able to post our blogs and  video. Even though we have a mobile hot spot and unlimited data on our phones we still can’t depend on it to be there when we need to post. It comes and goes all the time. Some days are better than others!

We are doing a marathon of Riverbank sitting. We have done two days so far and plan on going back today and tomorrow. I am working on my tan. So far so good.

We are also enjoying riding our bikes around the camp area. It’s a pleasant place to ride and we can be as nosy as we want. It’s fun to see all the Rvs and the different types of tents that are available now. When we first started camping in the 1970’s there wasn’t that many brands or types to choose from. How times have changed!

My Mom is loving this hot weather! She says she is finally warm! While the rest of us sweat she’s happy as a clam.

Well I need to get a move on and I need coffee. We’ve already walked the Lily and now as soon as we have breakfast we are headed down to the Riverbank.

Hope everyone has a Sweet Saturday filled with Family and Friends.



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