Good Morning!

Lily wasn’t real happy with us as we left her at the Puppy Spa. We are sure she called us a few names and thought we had abandoned her. Lily however looks  gorgeous and they did a wonderful job of grooming our girl. She was happy to get home and do her best to wipe away her Beautification!

We did get all the errands done that was on our list. When we got back home with the Lily we got our bikes down and took a ride down to the River’s access area. We then walked down to the river and spent a few minutes enjoying the view. After we biked back we decided the next four days, after our errands, we will go for a bike ride and enjoy the river. Yeah! I can now work on my tan!

As far as we knew we weren’t expecting any RAIN yesterday. Surprise we got some and we even had a thunderstorm. Our die-hard neighbors were out at their fire pit sitting under umbrellas waiting for the rain to stop. It didn’t so they finally gave up and went inside. People watching is so much fun!

Well I need to get a move on we are do at Ford at 9 am and we still have to walk Miss Lily. I hope everyone has an Amazing Thursday filled with Peace and Prosperity.



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