“ME” Day


Good Morning!

Yesterday was a”Me” Day! I did my eyebrows and my nails. Have you ever noticed that when you get the remover stuff (I use the stuff I get from Avon and it works great!) on your eyebrows that is the time you get “Do you think we should take Lily for a walk?” or I thought we could do this or that. Are they blind and can’t see what you are doing or are they so one tracked that it doesn’t compute that you are busy. The only thing is they don’t have a reboot button that you can push to restart them, so they continue asking you the same questions over and over again till you want to scream!! Then there is the Painting of the Nails! Have you ever noticed the minute you get them done you need to use the bathroom or blow your nose or get something out of a drawer that you forgot you needed. There goes your manicure real quick and you find yourself redoing it a few times before you’re done. I put off doing my eyebrows and nails as long as possible but eventually I do have to do them. Oh well it’s done for another week or so. Yeah Me!

Today is Lily’s Puppy Spa Day in other words a trip to the dreaded Groomers! We are always nervous about that as it is a new one every time. We always check the ratings on them before we book her an appointment. We will be running errands while she’s at the Groomers. So it will be a busy day for all of us.

Well I need to get a move on as Lily needs her walk and we need breakfast before we leave.

 I need coffee!!!!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Good Things.


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  1. OHH Phyllis!!! I so identify with you!!! Chuck is the same way, whenever I sit down to do my nails he needs my help right away with one of his projects! That is one thing I think is easy to let go to the wayside when you are traveling and exploring is being able to take that “breather” and just pamper yourself! XO! Safe travels!

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  2. Yes we all need to be pampered. I try to do mine when he’s off doing something else. Thst way I stay sane.😀


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