Just Chillin!


Good Morning from a wet Missouri!

Still having Internet Issues at Camp! I wish the signal was stronger.

I went looking for “Bob” the other day and found him hanging out in the freezer. He was hot and decided that this was the best way to cool down. I am glad I got to him before he became a popsicle! You never know where or what “Bob” will be doing next. He keeps me on my toes!

It rained most of the day yesterday and I just didn’t have the energy to move so I didn’t! I took the day off and relaxed with a “few” good books and a Lily on my lap. Today I do have things I must get done so it’s a work day and we are suppose to have rain again. 

I only spoke with Mom for a few minutes. She had a lot to do today or so she said. I only hope she doesn’t try and bring in her trashcan after the trashman runs.

Well I need to get moving to get Lily out before it starts raining again. Hope all of you have a very Beautiful Tuesday filled with Rainbows and Lollipops.


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