Good Morning!

We are suppose to get LOTS of Rain today so I walked our Lily early while Norm set up the laptop in the screen room. Yes, we are home today doing our Blog work. Feels good to sit here and not have to drive up to the cafe for internet.

I took this picture the other evening when we were sitting out by the campfire enjoying our campfire coffee. It was a very enjoyable evening with Marg and Bill. We are so glad they came down to visit us for a few days. Our Kodiak looks so Homey with her lights on beckoning us to come inside and rest awhile.:)

Well today my contacts and I are at war! So far the contacts are winning this scrimmage but I will win the war!

Mom update: She says she’s doing better and she was happy to get some rain. She laughed a lot about the raccoon incidents here at the campsite next door who had left their trash bag out overnight.

The Lily has spoken how dare you Crow  come near her camp. They are everywhere this morning. She let them know to leave and do it NOW!!!

Well today I will be calling the Dr. office to have them call/fax/e-mail in some refills for us. They will be open soon and as they are in Florida and  an hour ahead of us I can do that soon.

Today is a chore day for me. I have a few things I need to get done in the RV. Hopefully it is a short chore day. Odds and Ends seem to take more time than a large project and I have never understood why.

A dad just walked by with his 3 sons and they are full of questions and he’s trying to answer each of them. Smart Man he has his Coffee cup with him!

On my Lily walk this morning I noticed the river seemed to be moving lazily along like it has all the time in the world to get where it wants to go. When I think about it I guess it really does have the time to move as slow or fast as it wants. I guess people are a lot like this River each person moving at their own speed not ours.

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner last night. It was good and I bought enough I could freeze some for later.:)

Well I am out of coffee so I am headed to the coffee pot now. Hope everyone has a Prosperous Monday filled with Faith, Hope and Happiness.





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