Waiting On A Full-House


Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful cool morning here in Missouri and it feels wonderful. We understand we are suppose to get Rain tomorrow. We were hoping to go on a bike ride tomorrow.

We had a wonderful time with the Full-House Family Event we had in camp yesterday. This is a picture of the Brothers waiting for all of the Family to arrive. They are kicked back and comfortable with the Lily. It was a fun and interesting day. The kids were like Energizing Bunnies all afternoon! A very busy and awesome afternoon was had by all of us. Good Food, Good Conversation and Love that’s all you need for a perfect Family Full-House!!!!!!

Today is a quite day for us and a fun day of watching the neighbors pack up and leave. It was nice to see all the families out spending time together, No Internet Needed!

Lily had a very good day yesterday. She had lots of attention and even some quite time in the RV. She thought she is Queen especially when the girls have to say good-by to Lily. Spoiled Dog for sure!!!

Well I need to get a move on and I need more coffee. I believe today is a pancake day.

Hope all of you have a Very Special Sunday filled with Love and Laughter.


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