A New Day!


Good Morning from a Pretty Park in Missouri!

Well the trip here was eventful as we discovered our bike rack needs a new bolt to hold it together since the one that came with it is stripped.  So we will have to find a hardware store to get a new one. Then the roads into the park are pot hole city and when I opened the slides I found that the coffee cabinet where the coffee pot and a lot of other things had come completely open, even though it has a child proof latch on the door, it just couldn’t hold when everything shifted . So I found my coffee pot on the floor and most of the contents of the cabinet too. There were a few things that broke. One of them was from my mom and another I have had for several years. Both were vintage items and I was pretty teary eyed when I found them. My coffee pot is fine!!! First off the man at the check in sent us to the wrong campsite and then chased us down to tell us where our real site was. He also forgot to give us the pack of information on the park. So after we set up Norm walked up there and picked it up. Of course after we set up we discover NO INTERNET even with our We Boost up and running. Now I can call my Mom and get texts but we are limited on anything else. Awe the Nomad way of life! I still love it and the scenery and peace we find out here in Mother Nature is worth the Journey!

It’s a beautiful park and we have seen a few deer including this morning a baby one. Hope the video I took of them turns out good. The river is right across from our campsite and Lily enjoys walking the roads. It is so green and fresh looking here and we have shade trees. That’s a big Plus for us. Norm put up our screen room yesterday and we are looking forward to sitting out there. Also we will be able to hike and bike here and Walmart isn’t that far away. So we’re good on that.

Well I need to get a move on so Norm can up load this and we can head back to camp for breakfast and more coffee.

Hope everyone has a Pleasant and Peaceful Thursday.



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