Good-By St. Charles


Good Morning!

Today is Journeying On Day!!! Yes we are very excited to be moving. We are hoping that the site we move onto at the next park has SHADE! It would be so nice to set up our screen room and Lily’s fence and sit outside and enjoy Mother Nature again. Here that was hard to do because of the way the Sun hit the front of our RV most of the day and then the Smell as the River water receded and the land baked in the Hot Missouri Sun!!! So we didn’t get to be out that much even walking the Lily was a very hot chore for her and us as we walked on asphalt. However even with all that we have had an enjoyable stay here. We have done most of the things on our To Do and See list and that makes for a Fun Visit.

Yesterday was so much FUN!  Thank-you Patti for arranging our lunch time get together  with the Gang from Norm’s Sherwood Days. What a Wonderful Surprise! It was fun and amazing to watch all of you interact with each other as if you see each other everyday and not once a year or so. That is what makes all these friendships so wonderful and special. We missed you Sue and Colleen and wished you could have been there. Colleen we will see you in a few weeks.We wish everyone a wonderful Summer and hope to see you again next Spring.

I do have some major packing to do today. I also plan to put the cleaning pods in both my Black water and Grey water tanks in hopes that it will clean them. I will let you know how that goes. So today we are doing the emptying of our tanks before we disconnect and bring in the slides because I have to put water in the Grey tank from the faucet here in the RV. We are hoping to leave by Noon today so I guess I had better get a move on. Lily will need her walk soon and I need coffee!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday making Beautiful Memories with the ones you love.



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