Good Morning!

I am sure it’s another hot day here in Missouri. Today we meet a friend for lunch and pack the Kodiak and F350 so we can head out in the morning.  Gratefully we only have an hour or so drive to get to our next camp. We will be staying 2 weeks in a State Park we use to camp at a long time ago, when our children were young. We understand that the park’s camping areas have changed somewhat from what we remember. Should be fun and since some of our Missouri family will be visiting us that makes it even better.

Oh Marg I have put the ice cream maker’s insert in the freezer so I can make ice cream on Friday! Also the Bourbon and wine are ready to be consumed and lots of coffee too. So we should have a fun time relaxing and talking “aka gossiping” at camp. I am looking forward to it a lot! It’s been a long time coming!!!

I LOVE the sound of Planes and Trains but I have discovered I prefer the Far Off Whistle than the up close and personal one. I also Love the sounds of Planes but not every few minutes flying over my head. I am grateful that I have been able to see so many trains go by and so many planes fly over and I know I will miss that when we Journey On. These two things, planes and trains, are a few of the Simple Pleasures that I enjoy.

Mom up date: She says she’s better and she’s talking and laughing more today. That’s always brightens my day. She couldn’t wait till I was on CST time and today she told me she prefers it when I am on EST time. It makes it easier to have long conversations with me because no one else is trying to call her then. So now she asks if I’m still on her time before it was are you still on your time. Interesting change of heart!

Well I have a few things to do this morning before we head out to lunch so I better get moving. I also NEED more coffee! I hope everyone has an Amazing Tuesday filled with Family and Friends.




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