What Are You Doing?


Good Morning!

Yes I know it’s Monday and another work week has begun. For us today is going to Walmart to provision (grocery shop) for two weeks and to pick up some extras for the upcoming week-end. We’re looking forward to the Family coming to visit.

Wednesday we Journey On to our next Adventure here in Missouri. We are enjoying our visit to our Original Home State. It’s fun being tourists! It means you get to do all the stuff you never did when you lived there. Even though we’ve been doing the touristy things there were still some RV projects that had to be done. Norm went upon the roof and checked all our seals and caulking. Then he resealed the roof. We also had to replace the inside vent cover on our AC unit. Lily was very intently watching Norm when he was doing this. She was really studying him. Of course the minute he was done she was demanding a treat for all her hard work. I guess keeping track of us and what we are up to is a full time Lily job and she demands compensation! Can we all say SPOILED PUP!!!!!

Mom and I had an hour long conversation this morning and I am so grateful. I know I may not have her much longer and every moment we talk is special even if it’s only a Hello and a Good-by. She’s 97 and she was reminiscing about family and friends today. It was a good way to begin the day and it makes me smile. She did laugh over some of my grand-boys antics and it was good to hear her laugh. She says she is better. 🙂

I will begin packing today and we plan to put up the bikes later too. That is always entertainment for the park. Those bikes can be bloody difficult to get up there when they want to be. Once in awhile they go up smoothly but for the most part I feel they take advantage of the situation and become heavier and more unwieldy than they need to be. Or maybe I am just getting weaker than I use to be! We will succeed and they will get loaded. We do like our bike rack and bike wing it’s a great way to carry our two bikes and if they’d cooperate with us the loading and unloading is a snap. Enough said!

Well I am headed to the shower to get myself ready to face the day. I ended up with a bruise under my eye and don’t really know how I got it. I did wear a different style of sunglasses the day it happened so I am wondering if they caused it some how. Just hope my concealer does it’s job today. I can only hope that it does. I really need coffee first,second and last as I stayed up late to read a book. Hey it was to good to put down!

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday filled with Love.


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