The Katy Trail


Good Morning!

It’s Laundry day again! I am so “not” excited, though it will be nice to have my favorite shirts and shorts clean again.

Yesterday was a fun day on the Katy Trail. We rode our bikes in the other direction this time and we found a couple of parks and some cafes, the smell of BBQ was awesome and no we didn’t stop. We met a lot of people on the trail some walking, jogging and some riding their bikes like we were. Not all were friendly but some were and that always makes the ride better. We did get up close and personal  with the Missouri River and were able to get some good video and pictures for the blog. Of course the minute people see my camera they are trying to get in the picture. That happens to me where ever I am now and it’s kind of the norm now to have random people in my videos or pictures. Awe the fun of Blogging!

I had another scare yesterday as my brother let me know my Mom had fallen again only this time it was outside. She was taking the trashcan to the street. I know she shouldn’t but she wants to do as much as she can for herself and we try and let her. She declared to me this morning that she will NOT be taking the trashcan to the street again. I am very grateful to hear that. She’s banged up but refuses to go to the hospital and we have to accept that. She tells me she will be alright. She’s very INDEPENDENT and  I pray a lot.

Okay explain to me please why when I have cash you can’t exchange my bills for quarters and you are a bank! We had that happen yesterday. After getting money out of their ATM machine we went inside to get quarters and we were told because we didn’t have an account with them they couldn’t do that. Their computer wouldn’t let them since they have to have an account number to hook the transaction to. I told them they’re the first bank to ever say that to me. The people were snobby too and that didn’t help either. We found another bank and they were very helpful and pleasant to work with and they had no issues about changing my bills for quarters. We had a pleasant visit with them too. Wonderful people to work with. They had never heard of the problem we had with the other bank before. They were quite surprised by it.  Well I do have my quarters so I can do the laundry today. Yeah Me!

I am in need of more coffee to get me going. I also have devotions and walking Lily before breakfast and laundry so I guess I had better get cracking.

Hope all of you have a Super Sunday filled with Fun and Games and most of all Love.



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