Ozone Falls, Tennessee


I made it! A 110 foot treacherous climb down that plunges to the gorge below! I also had the challenging climb back to the top.

Though I successfully completed this challenge, it brought up old memories of all the hikes, climbs, and rappels that I’ve done in my life. And truth be told, it was a struggle to make the climb down. With my right leg at 80%, I had to find climbing holds for 2 feet and my hiking pole. But…it was exhilarating!!!

Thinking back, the climb down was slippery in spots, and I felt I had a good chance of splitting my head open. The trip down was definitely harder for me, if for no other reason, than my leg never felt steady. The climb back up wasn’t as bad. I just had to make certain I had good foot holds.

I have definitely rated this hike & climb dangerous to treacherous! Why doesn’t the state of Tennessee put this information out there for all of the elder population to see? I met 80 year old men thinking of doing the climb, only to be talked out of it by me or their spouse.

At my age, I’m 65 at the time I wrote this, I have to be extremely careful while hiking or in this case, climbing. The body definitely doesn’t want to work as fast as the brain. Sort of like trying to start your car on the morning the temperature is -20. So slow to crank that engine before it finally starts. In my case, one miss step and I’m down. It’s the old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up”!

However, just because age and years of strenuous activities have created way too many aching joints, doesn’t mean you still can’t do this sort of stuff. You just have to purposely slow yourself down. There’s no reason to hurry so you can fall and break your neck. That and a couple of Tylenol goes a long way.

So, look hard at your challenges before you tackle them. Make your plan, and stick to it. Even if that plan is scoping out the best way to get down or back up And after climbing down, the view I had was spectacular! Now this, was a true adventure! ~ N

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