Parking The B.A.T.


Good Morning!

As you can see we have to hunt, in every parking lot, for a spot that is large enough to not only fit us but to keep our hitch out of harms way. At Grant’s Farm we parked down by the exit and that worked just fine. The walk was long but that’s what happens when you drive a big rig. We just call it exercise and we need it so it’s a win-win for both of us.

We enjoyed seeing the Clydesdales yesterday. They are beautiful horses and we did the horse barn first before entering in the main park. Boy has that horse barn changed. they now have the doors on each stall opening out into the paddock instead of into the building. That was a good move so no one can let the horses loose. There is also a gift shop there. That’s new.  After that visit we headed to get in line to walk over to the main part of the park and the wait was about what it was to get on the train at the Zoo, 40 minutes or so. Of course we still had to wait in line for the tram too. That was a quicker moving line but in the heat and humidity it still felt like forever! The tram ride was just like I remembered it only I set on the left side and if you want to take pictures or video it is best to sit on the right hand side of the tram. After the tram ride we explored the beer garden that also has some animals you can feed, a bird house and camel rides. Of course there are fees for the feed and for the bird house and camel rides. They also offer 2 shows one is free and one has a fee. Then we explored the carriage house and stable and there was a horse there named Nickie! We then went and got nachos, a pretzel and something to drink. Only we didn’t do the free beer this time. It was a fun time and of course after the tram ride back to the entrance we went into the gift shop and picked us up a couple of tee shirts and a Christmas ornament for our RV’s Christmas tree. Hiked back to the BAT and headed home to our Lily. We made it right before the storm came in. Yeah Us!!!

My brother called me while I was at Grant’s Farm so my Mom could talk to me on his cell phone. She was very worried that something had happened to us. We talked a few minutes and she was okay then. Later my brother texted and let me know Mom’s phone line was fixed and she could use her phone again. Well this morning she was worrying again because I was a minute late in calling her but she was okay as soon as she heard my voice. Once a Mother always a Mother! We had a good visit.

Today we have one errand to run and then we want to go on a bike ride. There isn’t suppose to be any rain today but I have learned what we expect the weather to be and what Mother Nature decides to do are rarely the same thing. Mother Nature Rules!

We have officially completed our Tourist Attraction Visits and it has been fun. If you are ever in the St. Louis, Missouri area be sure and visit some of the areas attractions. We know we only scratched the surface for what there is to see and do here. We did have to save some for the next time we visit.

It is time for us to get our rigs ready to Journey On this next week. That means laundry, provisioning and packing so we can Journey On to our next Adventure. I can say that Norm, Lily and I have had fun here but we’re excited to pull out this next week and we are so looking forward to our next Adventure.

Well I need coffee and to get moving. I have been moving at a snail’s pace today and Lily will let me know that real soon.

Hope everyone has a Sweet Saturday filled with Sunshine.



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