Good Morning!

Whenever I look at our Anheuser Busch pictures I keep hearing the song “Gloria” in my head and it will not go away. It just sticks around in the background which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t playing in STEREO!!!  I decided to use a picture of Norm today and this one is a before our Brewery Tour photo. Later there would have been a glass of beer in his hand. Yesterday to celebrate the 4th we drank our complimentary beer that we received at the end of our tour. Norm’s of course was Bud-Lite and mine was Michelob Amber Bock. We sure did enjoy them and the tour was awesome! We hope everyone had an amazing  and safe 4th.

Well today is Grants  Farm and we are looking forward to visiting there. I have a lot of fond memories of going there with my Mother-n-Law and Marge and our oldest son when he was 2. He was trying to let the Clydesdales out of their stalls. They had put a bale of hay at the stalls entrances so kids could get a good look at the horses and our oldest son had discovered how to unlatch the stall door. We caught him before he succeeded. That was a close call for sure. He kept asking the horse do you want out! We didn’t know he could undo door latches till that day. We’ve been back several times with our family and are excited to see Grants Farm again today.

My morning has started off rocky today. As most of you know I call my 97 year old Mom every morning and today I couldn’t get through because all circuits are busy try again later recording! I texted my brother and he will let me know what is going on and when I can call Mom. She worries if I miss my call time and then she gets frustrated with me. So hopefully I will be able to call her later or at least tomorrow. She lives alone and when I can’t get through I worry!

I did manage to get the bathroom cleaned yesterday and then took the rest of the day off! We watched the movie Independence Day last night and listened to the fireworks going off around us. A pleasant way to spend the 4th.

Lily doesn’t like fireworks, rain on the roof, awning flapping in the wind, Norm on the roof doing maintenance or any loud noises! She will drive you crazy when she hears these sounds. Today so far she’s fine. She wasn’t like this when Zoe was alive but since her anchor is gone she’s become a basket case when ever it rains or any other loud unexplained noises occur. We do love our Lily! Spoiled Brat that she is!

Well I need to get moving or it will be time to leave and I will still be setting here. Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday fill with Fun and Laughter.



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