Independence Day!


Good Morning!

Long may our Flag wave over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Thank-you to all our Military Past, Present and Future for all you do and have done to keep our Nation Free. They are the reason we can live in Peace, up to us how we do that, Harmony again up to us if we do live this way, to Worship as we so choose and to pursue Our Individual Dreams! If you are grateful for all our country offers you and you see a Veteran today PLEASE  Thank Him or Her for their service for they represent all the many men and women who fought for our Independence so many, many years ago. Thank-you!

Anheuser Busch: Our tour was the Brew Master Tour. It was a fun tour and we were blessed to be the only ones on this tour. Our guide was a wonderful young lady. She was very knowledgeable and fun. My favorite tasting was the beer before it’s processed and bottled. Of course that  beer isn’t for sale! We did get to taste some Bud Light that was just a few days old straight from the tank and it was really smooth, cold and delicious and you all know I am not a beer fan. We also saw the tank that has the BLUES emblem and head phones on it and is listening to Gloria until it’s finished it’s brewing. Of course all the other tanks are listening too. The music is quite loud and she said they had to ask them to turn it down right after they started because even with head phones on you couldn’t hear the tour guides. So they did turn it down a little bit. It was a fun day at the Brewery and if you ever get the chance go and take a tour. They have many different ones. We ate in the Beer Garden and the food was good and reasonably priced. The store has lots of merchandise and the prices are good there too.

We had a storm after we got back home and we were concerned for our awning but it did just fine. After Iowa we are very WIND aware! There is still water in the campground and we have to drive through it on our way to our site. We hope it recedes soon.

Norm has been on the roof cleaning and treating our rubber roof earlier this morning. I plan on cleaning the bathroom and dusting. I know it’s the 4th but it really is the only down day I have to do this. So that is what I will do today. I know I make it sound like it will take hours to do but in reality it’s about a 20 minute job. I just don’t like cleaning the bathroom!:(

Well the Fireworks were loud last night and even caused Lily to get down and go bark at the door. Our RV park has houses on two sides of it and they are enjoying the buy one get four or five free fireworks that the vendors are offering. Of course we are never ready to go watch them when they begin to shoot them off. Maybe tonight we will be able to see some of them.:)

I need to get a move on as Lily needs her walk and I am out of coffee.

Happy Independence Day.


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