Good Morning!

Another beautiful day here in Missouri. Today we are off to Anheuser Busch for one of their tours. We are excited for two reasons one it’s the beer tour and the other is they have a parking lot so we don’t have to search for parking!

Yesterday we searched for a HOUR for parking that the BAT would fit in. We found we don’t fit in parking garages and most parking lots. We did find a lot across from the Dome that allowed us to park there and that was a blessing. Norm and I then headed down 7th Avenue towards the Arch. We saw a lot of neat buildings and I took a lot of video and Norm took a lot of pictures. The Arch is beautiful and the work they have done is amazing. The museum has very interesting exhibits, the cafe has good food at reasonable prices and the store has nice merchandise again at reasonable prices. Norm took the tram up to the top for some picture and alone time with a WHOLE lot of other people and of course he made some new friends along the way. I on the other hand stayed at the cafe with my coffee and read a good book. Oh, I did do some video work and as soon as I started talking into my camera it felt like every eye in the house was on me. So I turned my camera around and proceeded to video all of them! That stopped most of the staring! Then Norm came back and we ate and shopped then walked back to the truck to the tune of thunder! It did rain a little on the way back home but not much. The leaving St. Louis was much easier than the going in. Yeah Us! A good day after all and our package did arrive so “they” were right for once!

Parking The BAT:  We love our F350 and how awesome she is but she does make parking her a challenge. We are just so wide and large that most parking places can’t handle us and in garages we are to tall to go under their roofs. So parking can be and often is a stressful event that makes you think that perhaps you should scratch this and go home! We thought about parking on the street but my fear is the streets are narrow and the Bat is wider than a normal truck. I sure don’t want her damaged if we can prevent it. So if you have a large truck be sure and give yourself plenty of time to find that perfect parking spot. Also I wish these companies would realize not everyone drives a Smart Car and put in some parking spots for us Big Gals and Guys. We need parking too, you know. That would make life even better! Okay rants over.

Well I need to get moving as our Tour is at 10:05 a.m. and we still have to walk the Lily and eat breakfast. Also Coffee Time for me I need it badly!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Love.


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