The Missouri River


Good Morning!

I always think of the St. Louis area and the Muddy Mississippi River and that tends to over shadow the Missouri River that runs through St. Charles. On this trip we have been re-introduced to the Missouri River. If you are heading into St. Louis you will cross the Missouri River. Now you know how much I love bridges (NOT) so that is an experience every time we go to do something. I video and that keeps me on a more even keel. Today is the ARCH and once again I will be going over that bridge and again I will have my camera in hand video rolling! Awe my safety blanket is now my camera and a cup of coffee! Who Knew!

Yesterday was an off day and I know everyone has them. I am glad they are few and far between for us. We went to Camping World and found that do to it’s size they didn’t have the two items we went there for. I was able to find a treatment for my black water tank that is suppose to clean the tank and the sensors too. We will be trying it out when we pull out this next week. I gather that putting this in and moving your rig is suppose to help with the cleaning process. The package says 12 hours but we are only Journeying for a hour or two. Also to fill up your tank and that’s not happening so we are going to do a modified version of what the package calls for. Life happens and I am not going 12 hours without using my bathroom! I will let you know how it works and you can decide if you want to try it.

So because we couldn’t get what we needed at Camping World Norm ordered it off of Amazon and “they” say it should be here today. We shall see, “they” have made those claims before and it took a week to get to us in Iowa. That package went traveling!

Norm is looking at Ford Dealerships, near our next park, because it is time for the BAT to get her oil changed. That is one thing we do is maintain our rigs. If you keep up on their maintenance they last for a very long time. This is our home and our transport and they deserve to be taken care of. We are Blessed to be able to do this and taking care of them makes our RV Nomad Life so much easier and fun to do.

Oh, yesterday I did manage to do the one chore I have been putting off for quite awhile and that is cleaning my make-up brushes and sponge. Alas, I now have to replace my sponge, those things aren’t cheap, as it is cracking and will soon be coming apart on my face. I am glad I do have a back up sponge. So on grocery day (Monday) I will buy me a new one. I wonder if I should HUM Taps as I discard the old one into the trash can. It has served me very well. 🙂

Well  it’s time for me to get moving I’ve called my Mom, had devotions, blogged and soon I’ll be walking around the Arch and we still have to walk our Lily so I think that can be my exercise for the day. Unless we decide to bike ride later.

I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday filled with Hope, Joy and most of all Love.





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