You Shall Not Pass!!!


Good Morning from Steamy Missouri!

Can you believe that it is the first day of July and that half of 2019 has passed?

I remember my Mom telling me that when you’re a kid that time goes so slow and as you get older it speeds up. That’s when you think so much to do so little time!  I believe she now thinks time is at warp speed and increasing daily. Some days I get up and before I know it,  it’s bedtime. Where has the time gone and that’s when you try and remember all the stuff you did or didn’t get done and sigh oh well there’s always tomorrow. Love the retired life!

Our Anniversary was very enjoyable. We took a bike ride, had DQ and BBQ with a glass of wine that we got in Iowa. No Bourbon I forgot ! Oh well!

The bike ride was fun and we would have loved to bike farther into St.Charles but that didn’t happen. The Missouri River decided to visit the Katy Trail and flood certain areas of it so We Could Not Pass! There was one man we think went around the barrier and continued on as we didn’t see him on our way back. We learned in Florida to heed the warnings.  You never know just what you will find if you don’t it could be a 9 foot Gator and that could become quite unpleasant. We’ve been told about people moving barricades and driving out onto the prairie and getting stuck in their car and calling the Rangers for help. The Rangers now have the tow trucks on Speed Dial! Of course that is going to cost you a pretty penny for them to come and pull you out! It’s better to just heed the warnings than think you know more than the people who take care of the parks or trails. You can end up in a bad way because of the “No Ones Going To Tell Me What I Can Do” thought process! Food for thought.

Today is Camping World and then a day in camp. I guess I could clean some. Don’t I sound excited about that? It has to be done and that bathroom will not clean its self and  I sure wish it would. I am looking forward to visiting Camping World I do enjoy seeing all the camping and RVing products they carry. Shopping!

Well this past week I decided to challenge myself to wear eye-liner every day for a week. I did it! Well what I discovered is I am not good at it and I needed to throw out about half of my eye-liners which I have been doing as I try them. If they don’t work well they end up in the trash can. Today no eye-liner and very little make-up as I just don’t feel like wearing it. So an easy make-up day for me.

I need coffee and Lily needs a walk so I need to get a move on. Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday.



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