Tea Time


Good Morning!

Yes, we survived the ZOO! We had a very enjoyable time at the zoo. We saw a lot of animals and met a very nice Lady and her Nieces while waiting for the zoo train. We were also entertained by several young Ladies from the Freedom School with their songs and chants. It made waiting in line most enjoyable. These students were very well mannered and that is wonderful to see in this day and age. We commend their Families and Teachers for this. Seeing the Bird Cage from the World’s Fair is always exciting though I did feel the train seating has shrunk and getting into the train was challenging. Though that maybe do to our age issue. We aren’t in our 20’s or 30’s anymore! We explored, videoed, stopped for a tea break and rode the train so all in all an awesome Zoo visit. Then it was off to Imo’s for lunch and Norm’s first time parallel parking in the BAT. Actually Parallel parking in general! You just don’t have to parallel park much anymore. Then onto Walmart for a few things and then home to the Lily and showers!!!!! Can you guess WHY??? After we got back we had a storm come through, like we needed more water, and Norm had to bring in our awning while I chased down one of my yard flags. I found it 4 sites away up against the fence. Then we brought in the clothes rack and our freezer because the cover is not water proof only water resistant. On this Journey our Awning has been in more than out, do to the wind that Iowa and Missouri have. Wow! All in all yesterday was a fun and entertaining Adventure well worth the time spent in TRAFFIC!

Today we will visit the cemeteries and pay our respects. Then we will head back home unless something catches our eye and we decide to do that instead. So an easy day today. Norm has already emptied our tanks and I’ve treated them so we are off to a good start. Next up walking the Lily and breakfast with more COFFEE!

Hope everyone has a Sweet Saturday filled with Sunshine and Lollipops!


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