No Escape!


Good Morning!

We finally found that Summer Weather we’ve been looking for. Now we aren’t real sure just what to do with it though. Let’s just say the humidity feels kind of like Florida and then it seems more intense too. Does that make sense? Okay I can work with this. Tanning  Missouri style!

I just had to take a picture of our neighbors Satellite Dish. They have anchored it with concrete blocks as if to say “You Will Not Escape Me” or “No Way, Wind, Keep Your Hands Off My Dish”! It was an interesting way to keep it put and we have seen what extremes people will go to to get in their favorite T.V. programs. One couple went so far as to have two satellite dishes. They had one at each end of their campsite. We met another couple that complained that because they could only get in 2 channels they were moving to another park down the road that had better reception! We thought that was kind of extreme. Well T.V. has never been that important to us. I prefer a good book and Norm likes the internet and playing his video games.

Today we visit the Zoo and I am sure bringing along the sunscreen! It has been over 20 years since we have been there. We hope to see a lot and ride the train and go on a safari. We have been looking forward to this for 3 years. Yes I’m smiling.

We had a wonderful visit with Renee yesterday. I am so glad she is doing well and hope that continues for her. We have known each other since 1974 when we met at South East Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Mo. That was such a long time ago and we have been friends ever since. We love each other flaws and all and that’s what makes friends become family of the heart. Hey, she was in on the bet that Norm and I weren’t going to make our own wedding. YES, we were late to our own wedding and we came to our wedding together too. That will be 41 years ago this Sunday and they said it wouldn’t last! Hah the Jokes on them! We’re still going strong and I love him more and more every day.

So today we are off to the Zoo and I need to get a shower and walk the Lily before we leave. Hope everyone has an Amazing Friday filled with Good Times.



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