View From My Window


Good Morning from Missouri!

Yes we have arrived. We arrived yesterday about 3:20 pm or so and then life got confusing as we tried to find our campsite, park and set up before it started raining again. Also I am like, Oh there’s a train going by and I don’t have my camera and Oh there’s a jet flying over wonder if I could film that. Yep I am like that bird that can’t stay focused because of all the shiny stuff that’s around to look at. We made it onto our site, not our best park job and yes there was a lot of Emotion going on as we parked. Though in our defense there was another couple waiting to get by so they could park and set up ahead of the rain too. I do believe I ruined that gentleman’s day when he ask me where we had come from and I answered Iowa and our Ford has Florida plates! He looked quite confused and then ask if we had come through all that rain and Norm answered yes and he told us they came from Kansas. The he wondered off back to his truck and moved his trailer to the site where his wife was waiting for him! So began our first 14 days here in Missouri. Oh would someone please tell me why they park a Travel Trailer that is 32 & 1/2 feet and 20 plus foot truck on a small campsite. There is barely room for us to park the truck in front of our Rig! Okay end of rant though I may return to it at a later date without any warning.

The view out my back window is of a water feature that we figure is not suppose to be there, as we see cars driving through it to get to their homes. Yes it is over the road and I think it has taken up residence in this house’s back yard that is behind us too. It also confused a water bird yesterday. That bird thought it had found a convenient grocery store but instead found they had sold all of the food and were out of business. That bird didn’t stay long. So sorry!

Well guess I do need to move along as Lily will need her walk and we are meeting my friend Renee for a late breakfast. I am looking forward to seeing her and talking awhile.

So I am off to the shower and to decide if I really want to wear the dress I have picked out. Sigh!

Hope everyone has an Amazing Thursday filled with Promise and Praise.



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  1. Where in Missouri are you camped? We camp in Missouri state parks a lot


    • We’re currently at Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles. One of the closest parks near our planned adventures. We do have an upcoming 2 week stay at Meramec SP. We’d prefer state parks but, most here don’t have onsite water.


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