Missouri Here We Come!!!


Good Morning! It’s our last morning in Iowa and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.

We are very excited to be Journeying On today. Look out Missouri We’ve Gone Camping is coming to visit and explore! We have been looking forward to this part of our Adventure for months as we lived in Missouri till 1998 when we moved to Florida. Although we love Florida and consider it our Home State, Missouri will always be Home to us too. It’s where we grew up, married, had our kids and enjoyed being around all of our family and friends for all those many years. Our move to Florida in 1998 was easy and hard to do as we left a part of us behind when we left Missouri. Now Norm and I get to visit our Family and Friends and PRETEND to be Tourists and that is always a fun Adventure in itself when you are with Norm. You never know just what mischief he will get into next. He keeps me on my toes!!!!!

This Whistle Stop has had me thinking about all the reasons we began this Adventure and why we say our first year will be our Learning Curve Shake-Down Journey and Adventure!  (1st) We learned how to comprise on just about everything you are going to do, from where we are staying to where we will eat and yes folks we have ate out A LOT! So what I’ve discovered is you have to be able to say NO in a loud voice or Norm can’t hear me. I”m not sure he can’t hear me or is using that selective hearing phase of his.  (2nd)That not all Adventures will be what you’re expecting them to be. Some will not match the ads about them so be prepared for some let downs along the way. That’s okay not everything will go according to your plan and you  need to be flexible about this.  (3rd) Don’t blame yourself or your partner for bad weather or ill health. Mother Nature likes to remind you she’s Large and In Charge! ( 4th) I know this is the hard one for me is trying not to blame Norm for the campsite that we can not level the Kodiak on. I finally got it together and admitted to myself and him I was just very frustrated, as was he, that we just couldn’t get it level!  (5th) That things are going to happen with your rig or rigs as is our case and you need to work together to fix them. Some of the fixes are easy and some of them require professionals to fix them. Just Get It Done and Journey On.  (6th) Journeying On travel time can be a time for long and fun or useful conversations. We try not to bicker while we travel. That we can do in camp if the need arises!  (7th) Think, Plan, Revise and Compromise on what your future will be. There can be a lot of discussion on your Journey about where you will be in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years.  (8th) Have Fun that is what this Adventure is all about you and your partner getting out there to see and do all the things you have only dreamed of. (9th) Stay grounded. That maybe the hardest one of all. Sometimes things are out of your control and you need a way to release that emotion. Bring along a yoga mat, even if yoga or exercise is not your thing, this mat can be taken outside and sat on while you watch the birds, squirrels or even people and find your inner peace again. It can be your safe heaven! Journaling can be a wonderful tool for keeping grounded and releasing frustrations. Write them down then they have no power over you and you can move on. You can do this with paper and pen or on your electronic devices. I also have Devotions every day and that helps me to stay sane!  (10) Be Happy and if you’re not take a good look at yourself and try your best to figure out why and work to fix or improve yourself. It maybe just your way of thinking that needs changing. Maybe you are trying to hard to please everyone and not yourself. My Mom always says you have to love your way out of things and I have often found this to be true. So that is some of the things I have discovered so far on our 2019 Journey and I am sure there will be more to come as we Journey On heading to our next Adventure.

I hope all of you have a Wonderful Wednesday and I need to get a move on or I will not be ready to roll out in a few hours.


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