Sleepless Night


Good Morning!

Last night I just didn’t sleep well. I have these nights where my Brain decides it wants to run all night and there is no sleeping when it does that. Along with the many bathroom breaks it was a long night and now I am a tired camper. So when I call my mom she tells me she’s been waiting for me to call for a long time. Now I am calling at my usual time and I mention that and she tells me she’s been up forever. Now my mom goes to bed around 5 pm and gets back up between 12 pm and 1 am. So yes she’s been up for a long time. She eats breakfast around 3 am. I know that if I did this I’d be worse than I am right now and she does this everyday. I feel like I am in slow motion and I keep hoping the coffee will soon kick in but I am afraid that may not happen today.

Today is our last camp in Iowa and because it’s a Whistle Stop for us my herb plants are hanging out in the Kodiak. They seem to be enjoying their time here inside. They may rebel when I put them outside in Missouri. I am not sure just how they would do that but knowing my stuff I am sure they will find a way.

You know how in your home you are always putting things away and then when you go to use them you can’t find them. Well that happened to me and a jar of pickles. The shopping trip before this last one I bought a jar of pickles and then I put it away but I ran out of room in the cabinet I usually store pickles and condiments in so I had to store it elsewhere. Before I went shopping this time I hunted every cabinet for those pickles and I could not find them anywhere. So I bought a new jar thinking I must not have bought them after all. Well the other day I was looking for some pasta to make for dinner and low and behold there was the jar of pickles in with the pasta. Who knew that pickles can hide so well.  I guess the moral of this story is no matter how large or small your place is things can still hide and usually in plain sight. Lesson learned!

Today is an easy day a few crafts and redoing my nails and so on. Then repacking the Kodiak so we can get an early start tomorrow. We are hoping to leave around 9 am. Wish us luck for some reason moving out early is hard for us. I guess it’s because we are using the Retired Clock! That clock doesn’t have a fast setting only slow and slower and slowest! Some days it feels like we need a cattle prod to get us moving. We shall see how we do tomorrow. Wish us luck. We may need it.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Tuesday filled with Sunshine and Lollipops.



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